5 Star Rankings

Annually, the GMAA produces and publishes the annual GMAA 5 Star Rankings, a detailed quality assessment of the top business schools in Australia.

Across the nation, it is recognised as a rigorous and truly independent evaluation of our Australian business schools, an assessment of great benefit to prospective MBA students, and a valuable contribution to the enhancement of MBA, DBA and other postgraduate management qualifications.

One of the aims of this assessment is to assist prospective student in their choice of institution / program by looking at programs from two perspectives - attractiveness and educational quality.

The first perspective (attractiveness) looks to determine if a program is attractive to a student based on the facilities and features offered by the business school and the program. The second perspective (educational quality) looks to determine if a program can reasonably be expected to deliver a quality educational outcome to the student by giving them additional skills which can assist them in their current and future employment.

Annually, the methodology is updated in conjunction with the business schools.

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