GMA 2019

The GMA 2019 was successfully conducted on 1 August 2019. Click for news.


Member Benefits

Professionalism, networking, events and other services are some of the key member benefits of joining the GMAA.

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GMA 2019

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The Graduate Management Association of Australia, or GMAA, is a nationally recognised business association, with a diverse range of members residing across Australia, as well as overseas.

For postgraduate students of a business degree, and business professionals, we offer the opportunity to increase your business networking contacts tenfold. This is done by providing a targeted platform for social networking (see “networking opportunities” above) between our different member groups, including a regular schedule of new events.

We have recognised that the need to maintain and enhance the MBA qualification is necessary if future students and employers are to continue valuing it.

We offer membership to business university postgraduates and undergraduates (MBA, business doctorates etc), corporate business association members (senior managers, business and government specialists, business academics), as well as those completing other business management qualifications available in Australia.

A clear factor of a successful business association is great networking. At GMAA we recognised this key component, and thus established learning channels through which others could gain the experience they desired.

Our overall objective is simple. We have spent time and effort determining the most beneficial method of maintaining your education, and now want you to benefit from these services.

To this end, we encourage all those interested, to inquire about joining our association. Ensure future career success and contribute to the growth of your profession.

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GMAA Membership means you will be part of a dynamic group of MBA and business doctorates graduates from across the country, as well as top business schools and a growing list of corporate affiliates.

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GMAA is headed by a dedicated Board comprising MBA and business doctorate graduates, including award winning CEOs and entrepreneurs.

To find out more about joining the GMAA Board please e-mail us today.

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