About GMAA

The Graduate Management Association of Australia Inc (GMAA) was established as a national entity in 1993. It originated from an amalgamation of:

  • The Graduate Management Association Limited (NSW)
  • The MBA Society Inc. University of Adelaide.
  • The Graduate Management Association (Victoria)
  • The Queensland Master of Business Administration Association
  • The Graduate Management Association University of Western Australia.
  • At GMAA we have members whom have obtained an MBA, business doctorate and other postgraduate management qualifications from approved Australian and international programs residing in all states of Australia and overseas. We operate through a National Committee of State Representatives from each of the State Chapters.


Our mission at GMAA is to promote the standing and enhance the value of MBA, business doctorate and other postgraduate management qualifications.


  • Promote the standing of graduate schools of management in Australia.
  • Enhance the value of graduate management qualifications in Australia.
  • Contribute to the development of Australia and its management resources.
  • Provide a forum for the interaction of members and students from various management schools.
  • The continuing development of members by actively pursuing the regular exchange of ideas and knowledge between members and leaders in industry and management education.
  • Maintain the position as the nationally recognised Professional Association for MBA, business doctorate.
  • and other postgraduate business management qualifications in Australia.